Professional Training | Recruitment Consulting | 3D Model Designing | Additive Manufacturing.

The Professional Training Industry is one of the Growing working Industry of IVTR Services located at Pune started 2.5 years Ago dated 17th Sept, 2017 with the Registration & Certification Under Ministry of MSME & we have started taken survey under the SGB Amravati University on all Engineering Department. He has taken seminars on more than 11 colleges in SGB Amravati University from 09/2017-03/2018.

We have taken the Feedback Training & Trained no. of Students to get specific & essential training requirements for upcoming most Beneficial & Economical DTPP Program of IVTR Services in June, 2018.

After that, from August, 2018, We have Organized & Start Executing DTPP 2019 Program under Professional Training Industry | IVTR Services only for Mechanical Department till the end of March, 2019. As DTPP is the Most Beneficial & Economical Placement-Training Program, It Becomes Most Acceptable Program also and from DTPP-2019 to next 5 Years of MOU has been Signed in with Mechanical Department of 4 Reputed Engineering Colleges of SGB Amravati University named as-

1) JSPM's Babasaheb Naik College of Engineering, Pusad,

2) Mauli Group of Institution's College of Engineering & Technology, Shegaon,

3) Anuradha Engineering College, Chikhli,

4) P. R. Pote(Patil) Group of Institution's College of Engineering & Management, Amravati.

In DTPP-2019 Program, Total 126 Mechanical Engineering Students has registered for the most Benefited program.

Now, From January, 2020, Such DTPP program for providing benefits to colleges and students are launched and Responsibilities are taken by PTI | IVTR Services to Start Organizing & Execution of Program for no. of Fields of Education as - Mechanical | Civil | Architect | CSE | IT | ENTC | MBA | BBA | BCom | BCA | BSC(COMP) & FOR ALL FIELDS OF EDUCATION.  As DTPP is the Most Beneficial, Economical & Most Acceptable Placement-Training Program, More MOU's for DTPP-2020 for next 5 Years has been Signed with Other Departments.

Also decided to provide Free E-LEARNING Platform to all registered students for Quality Training of Students which will be available in 01st, February, 2021.

IVTR SERVICES has decided to give this benefit to the whole Engineering Students of ALL OVER INDIA.

During this Pandemic Situation of COVID-19 in INDIA from March, 2020,  Because of the safety of students, Social  Distancing & to follow all Precautions, IVTR SERVICES has taken decision to skip DTPP-2020 program, Training Services are fully stopped by IVTR Services only till Dec, 2020 or till getting situation normal (whichever is Earlier) and Only Placement Services are going on. This Decision is Taken care by Considering no loss of students. Because, we will be starting back as soon as possible.

Dates - 09th July, 2020.